Livaah Hardy Fast Charge Power Bank

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Power Bank


For Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle!

Portable Charging Solutions

One Hour Full Charge

Always Safe

Solar Energy

Fast Charge

Automatic Detection

Travel Companian

Lightning Speed

Livaah Power Banks are committed to increase your productivity by giving you a quick power fix.

One-Hour Full Charge* is Livaah’s guarantee – now your power banks can get fully-charged in just One Hour.

While fast, it is always safe with multiple built-in safeguards, including 12 layers of circuit protection. 

Charge Anywhere

Livaah Power Banks can charge anywhere – even when you are not near a power source.

They are always ready-to-go!

Charge Livaah Power Banks with Solar Energy and enjoy adventurous trips hassle-free. 

Travel Companion

Even better, utilizing the 18W Fast Charge on all three USB-A output ports, allows you to fast-charge your favorite phone, tablet and power bank simultaneously. makes Livaah Power Banks reliable travel companion. 

Additional Power

Livaah Power Banks are an ultimate gadget, if you are looking for High Capacity and Long-lasting Charge.

Stretching the Limit is now possible!

Just merge together two or more Livaah Power Banks, and charge just about anything! 

Automatic Detection

Livaah Power Banks are capable of sensing different devices on their own and thus satisfying various power needs.

We call them Intelligent Solutions!

Smart Indicator

Embedded within the Power Button, LED Battery Indicator helps you know the remaining battery charge.

LED Flash

Illuminate the space around you with Super Bright LED Torch. Useful for security, power cuts and adventures.

Designed For Convenience

 The all-new Livaah Power Banks are thoughtfully & ergonomically designed for your convenience. These portable charging solutions are so versatile & user-friendly that you will always keep them close at hand. 

Designed and Manufactured In INDIA

*One-Hour Full Charge is possible with only Livaah Fast Charger.


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