Product Highlights:

  • Remote Monitoring Enabled
  • Faster Transfer Time < 10mS
  • Program It The Way You Want
  • High Peak Efficiency (Upto 90%)
  • 200% Overload Function
  • Run 1.5 Ton AC
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A Revolutionary Power Back-up System!

Compact Inverters with Lithium-ion Battery Low Maintenance.
Solar Chargeable.

The Livaah Off-Grid Inverter can supply power to the load from Solar Panels, Batteries and Grid. LIV range of inverters is the perfect solution for off-grid applications. Designed to offer control and act smart, the inverter intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery and Grid power.

High Peak Efficiency

Higher Conversion Rate of Solar Energy to Usable Electricity.

Livaah Inverters makes most of the Solar Energy available for you with an efficiency of up to 90%. Maximise Your Savings while using Power All Day!

Faster Transfer Time

Livaah Inverters make possible Faster Transfer of Load &amp; No Flickering of appliances.
Get your appliances to work non-stop even at the time of power loss, without any delay.

Galvonic Isolation

Ensures High Safety for the Appliances and Users.

200% Overload Function

Livaah Inverters can run heavy Motors/ACs.
Ensures that the inverter runs a heavy motor or AC with an instantaneous 200% of overload function backup.
Intelligent overload sense with short circuit protection.

Program It The Way You Want

You can Program Livaah Inverters according to the function or objective of your use.

Remote Monitoring Enabled

Livaah Inverters are Smart!
Track, Monitor, Proctor and Control your Inverter from anywhere on your smartphone with Livaah Remote Monitoring Solution.


Livaah Inverters are Lightweight which can be mounted on your walls. They consume lesser space compared to most of the present-day inverters.

Intelligent LCD

The user-friendly LCD displays important information.
You can easily see the Battery Time of Charge &amp; Discharge, Grid Off / Available, Priority setting, etc.

Safe For Your Home

Livaah Inverters are so peaceful that you will hardly know they are powering your house! Embedded with advanced protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge and battery deep-discharge. Its pure sine wave output ensures safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances.


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